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June 14, 2017

Today we announced four new MIL-COTS (M-Grade) DC-DC Converter Modules (DCMs) and a new MFM Filter. The new DCMs provide flexible DC-DC conversion, delivering up to 320W of output power at 5V, 12V, 24V or 28V from a nominal 28V (16 – 50 VDC input voltage range). Housed in a thermally adept, low profile (9.3 mm) 3414 VIA package, these new DCMs offer a wide operating temperature range extending down to -55°C.

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Redefining 48V to PoL regulation for high-power processors and AI ASICs

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September 25, 2017

The new PI3523 is a 48VIN, 3.3VOUT nominal Buck Regulator capable of supplying up to 22A. One of the key applications is for LED lighting, so we asked the Vicor product manager for this new regulator, to tell us more about how Vicor meets the needs of modern LED applications.

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March 3, 2020


Vicor-PI37xx-buck-boost-10x14-LGA-angledNew ZVS Buck-Boost Regulator operates down to -55°C for application in harsh environments

Vicor has released its PI3740 ZVS buck-boost regulator with an extended operating temperature range of -55 to +115°C and optional Tin-Lead BGA packaging. The PI3740 is a high-density and high-efficiency buck boost regulator with an 8 – 60V input voltage range and supports output voltages from 10 – 50V. The device offers up to 140W in a 10x14mm SiP package and higher power delivery can be achieved with additional devices in parallel. The ZVS switching topology also enables efficiency as high as 96%.

PI3740-00-LGIZ -40C to 115C LGA
PI3740-00-BGIZ -40C to 115C BGA
PI3740-00-BGMZ -55C to 115C BGA
PI3740-00-BGMP -55C to 115C BGA-Tin Lead
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The new Vicor DCM2322 family of isolated DC-DC converters targets lower-power rail EN50155 infrastructure applications

October 08, 2019


Modern rail infrastructure requires a wide range of DC-DC converters to power a variety of new safety systems and passenger services, as well as creating a need for performance improvements in existing systems for both freight and commuter markets. …

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Vicor introduces a new 800V Bus Converter Module

June 19, 2019

Vicor-BCM4414-ultra-hv-SMT-angledThe 800V BCM4414 is a 1.6kW, isolated, 1/16 fixed-ratio, bus converter module (BCM®), that can operate from a 500V to 800V input voltage, to deliver SELV output voltages with 97.7% peak efficiency. The new 800V module complements the existing Vicor …

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Vicor offers GQFN package option for 48V ZVS Buck Regulator portfolio

March 06, 2019

Vicor-PI358x-buck-8x7-GQFN-angledThe PI358x series is the latest addition to the Vicor 48V ZVS Buck Regulator portfolio, offering a new low cost GQFN package option to the existing LGA and BGA system-in-package (SiP) products. The PI358x unique ZVS topology enables 48V direct-to-Po…

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 DCM™ DC-DC Converter Module

High power converters for all standard industry input voltages


Vicor-DCM-familyThe DCM ChiP is an isolated, regulated DC-DC converter, operating from an unregulated, wide range input to generate an isolated output. With its high frequency zero voltage switching (ZVS) topology, DCMs consistently deliver high efficiency across their specified input line range. Modular DCM converters used independently or with downstream point of load (PoL) products support efficient power distribution, providing superior power system performance and connectivity from a variety of unregulated power sources to the point of load. Options include a family of DCMs with tighter output voltage regulation of±1%. The DCM VIA module provides a higher level of functionality with integrated EMI filtering, tight output voltage regulation and a secondary-referenced control interface.

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New 10kW AC-DC Converter for High-Density Server Racks

October 16, 2018


Today we announced an AC-DC converter module called the “RFM” that converts 3-phase AC to up to 10kW of regulated 48VDC. This new power component uses a low-profile poVicor-RFM-coldplate-300x200wer tablet form-factor measuring just 24cm x 15cm x 1.5cm, enabling unprecedented power density. It has been designed to optimize the use of space in a rack, and four RFMs in parallel can supply 40kW of power within 1U of rack space, including input-disconnect circuitry, rectification and hold-up energy storage at 48V. The RFM power tablet package also provides adept thermal management for advanced cooling, including liquid cooling.

48V (including 54VDC) distribution is the emerging standard in high-power racks, allowing smaller-gauge wiring and substantially lower distribution losses than legacy 12VDC distribution. In combination with Vicor 48V Power-on-Package (“PoP”) and 48V Direct-to-PoL solutions, the RFM enables dense and efficient end-to-end power system solutions, from 3-phase AC to sub-1V for high-density server rack applications, including demanding HPC and AI inference and learning applications.

The RFM provides a power-factor-corrected, regulated, and isolated DC output with integrated filtering and built-in fault protection for redundant operation. The RFM can be configured to accept worldwide 3-phase AC mains from 200 to 480VAC.



New DCMs Expand Range with Enhanced (±1%) Output Regulation

July 11, 2018



We have announced 25 new DC-DC converter modules (DCMs) with tighter output voltage regulation of ±1%. The new power components allow engineers to drive loads that require tighter regulation with minimal additional circuitry or downstream components.

The new DCMs are flexible solutions for a range of defense and industrial applications such as UAV, ground vehicle, radar, transportation and industrial controls.  A wide operating temperature range is supported, and the DCMs are also available in M-grade, which can perform at temperatures as low as -55°C.

These components are packaged in ChiP (Converter housed in Package) technology, and operate from an unregulated, wide range input to generate an isolated, regulated DC output. With their high frequency zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topology, the DCM converter consistently delivers high efficiency across its entire input voltage range.

These DCMs offer unrivalled power densities of 1,032W/in3 that, coupled with the minimal number of additional components required, enable engineers to create extremely compact solutions to their power challenges.






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Uses Lande Rack Cbinets exclusively


Calmark and Birtcher Brands are now Schroff

SAN DIEGO, CA – Pentair announced today that the Calmark and Birtcher products have been rebranded and integrated into its Schroff brand. Schroff, a world leader in electronics packaging design and fabrication since 1962, offers a wide range of innovative and high-quality standard products including 19″ cabinets, subracks, cases, backplanes, motherboards, and microcomputer systems. Schroff became part of Pentair Technical Solutions, a global business unit of Pentair Ltd., in 1994.

“Moving our industry-leading portfolio of printed circuit board retainer products, including Card-LoksT and Wedge LoksT, under the Schroff brand is a win-win for our customers and Pentair. Streamlining our brands will make it easier for customers to see our broad capabilities and select the solution that best meets their needs,” says Amy Escobio, Global Category Manager for Schroff.

For over 50 years, Calmark and Birtcher have been widely recognized and trusted brands for printed circuit board retention, PCB accessories and conduction cooling products. Supporting a wide variety of applications, notably in the defense and security industries, Calmark and Birtcher products range from economical nylon card guides to ruggedized Card-Loks and Wedge Loks, inserters and extractors and even conduction cooled assemblies. Key customer benefits include:

Comprehensive product portfolio
Precision engineered standard & modified solutions
Design consultation and rapid prototyping
Program management support and service
Design verification, validation & certification support
Lot traceability, DFARS specialty metals, first article inspection, RoHS certification, ITAR compliance and NADCAP certified suppliers.

Product engineering, program management, customer service and manufacturing will continue to be located in San Diego, California. Customers can expect to receive the same level of product quality, customer service and support.

For additional information, please contact: or call 1-800-854-7086.

About Pentair Technical Solutions
Pentair Technical Solutions is a global leader of systems and solutions that safeguard industrial controls, electrical components, communications hardware, electronic devices, and electrical heat management systems. Its premier brands Hoffman, Raychem, Schroff and Tracer provide a comprehensive range of standard, modified and custom engineered solutions for the energy, industrial, infrastructure, commercial, communications, medical, security and defense markets.

The Schroff brand offers a broad portfolio of products from basic printed circuit board (PCB) accessories, such as card retainers, conduction cooled frames, front panels and handles to subracks, enclosures, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets and pre-assembled chassis for embedded computing systems.

For more information, visit

nVent Announces Completion of Separation from Pentair

April 30, 2018

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–nVent Electric plc (NYSE:NVT) (“nVent”), a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, today announced the completion of its separation from Pentair plc (“Pentair”) and its launch as an independent, publicly traded company. nVent shares will begin “regular way” trading on the New York Stock Exchange on May 1, 2018, under the symbol “NVT.”

The company has a leading portfolio of electrical enclosures, electric heat tracing solutions, complete heat management systems, and electrical and fastening solutions that connect and protect critical systems across the globe where the cost of failure is high. Its innovative electrical solutions help maximize customer efficiency, improve utilization, lower installation costs as well as the total cost of ownership and minimize downtime.