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The Leader in Power Conversion Solutions

 Vicor Corporation designs, manufactures and markets modular power components and complete power systems used in the aerospace and defence electronics, enterprise and high performance computing, industrial equipment and automation, telecommunications and network infrastructure, and vehicles and transportation markets.

Engineers use the combined advantages of Vicor components to create compact, highly functional, economical products with streamlined development cycles that minimize time to market.

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Brand of fans ETRI

Founded in 1945, ETRI activity has been taken over in 2002 by ECOFIT who designs, manufactures and sells electric motors and fans.

For more than 70 years, ETRI proposes a wide range of standard axial and centrifugal fans and also specific products developed on the basis of customers specifications. Particularly specialized in production of fans for rail and aeronautics industry, ETRI has extended its range to military electronic up to air conditioning and forced ventilations of high performances.

Our success factors

We first focus on technical exchanges with our customers to allow our know-how to offer a real value added for a tailor made solution meeting outstanding quality standards.

Our laboratory is perfectly equipped to offer the best service with all the necessary accuracy A flexible approach allows a narrow cooperation with customer’s development team for a better time to market realization.

Grand Halo

GRAND HALO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  Is one of the leading LED and Optoelectronic Semiconductor Manufactures in the world. With a wide range of products that are suited for any industry.


GRAND HALO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  Complies to ISO90001 and ISO14001

They also manufacture and package OEM products to your specification.


Integra Technologies, Inc. established in 1997, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of state of the art RF power transistors, pallets and high power amplifiers (HPA). These products are based on GaN HEMT and Si LDMOS, VDMOS and Bipolar technologies.

The company operates in three locations:

El Segundo, California is the manufacturing/engineering site with 6”/4”wafer fabrication facility for Si/GaN products, automated assembly and testing.

El Dorado Hills, California is the site for advanced product development.

Phoenix, Arizona is a advanced wafer development center.

Integra is the sole source for several Air Traffic Control and Avionics systems. The company, through its domestic/international sales offices and Representation/ Distribution network, provides application-specific products in high volume for Radar, Avionics, Defense Communication, ISM, and ECM applications.


Just as every idea begins with a spark, we at nVent view the dawn of every sunrise as a new opportunity to ignite innovation. Our inventive solutions benefit customers around the world every day, keeping lights on, data streaming and trains running on time.

From heat trace cables to critical equipment enclosures to labor-efficient fastening systems, we empower customers to improve performance, lower costs and reduce downtime.

We are a $2.1 billion, high-performance electrical company with a dedicated team of 9,000 people and trusted brands such as CADDYERICOHOFFMANRAYCHEMSCHROFF and TRACER. Known for innovation, quality and reliability, our products connect and protect, consistently delivering value to industrial, commercial, residential, energy and infrastructure customers.

While our name may be new, our products have set the standards for quality for more than a century. Today as nVent, we are focused and forward-looking, ready to build upon our legacy. The future is now.


Renaissance Electronics & Communications, LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary HXI LLC provide RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave solutions for Military and Commercial Applications. With products ranging from high reliability components to integrated transceivers, our team will exceed your requirements and expectations.

Siebert, Distplay, LED, Safety

Founded in 1972 as an engineering office today Siebert Group is a leading and global provider for digital information systems. The products are sold worldwide to demanding and market leading customers.

Research and development

All products are the result of our own research and development. Our engineers continuously create new innovations and with most modern facilities the products are manufactured in the factory in Eppelborn-Wiesbach.


Market research and constant investments in research and development consequently leads to new products. With innovative solutions many products have set standards in specific market segments. Our customers can choose from a broad range of products which, in its consistency, is trend-setting.

Server Case UK

Server Case UK are the UK’s server case and components specialist, selling PC cases, Server Cases, 19” Rackmount, Backplane Modules, Mobile Disk Racks, External Disk Boxes and Power Supplies, Server Systems and Components with thousands of products available.


TRACO Electronic AG is a Swiss company with headquarters based in Baar, Switzerland. As a leading power supply specialist with more than 35 years’ experience we are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high quality DC/DC and AC/DC power conversion products. TRACO markets its products worldwide under the registered trademark TRACO Power. Our mission is to provide our customers with optimal power supply solutions in terms of performance, quality and cost for their individual application.