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Electronic Component Shortages. A South African Prespective.

As published in DATAWEEK.

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Follow the Link for the latest news on Integra INC.

1.  Latest news and updates

2.  Technical Papers



Follow the link for Lande Product Catalogues, there is 28 different product lines for you to choose from each in their own catalogue.

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Follow the Link for the latest product news from JFW Industries.

1. New Products – JFW Industries

2. Engineering 360 Media Solutions.

      i.  An Introduction to Programmable Attenuator Systems

3. JFW Have divided their Catalog into 3 Main categories for your convenience.

50 Ohm Catalog 

75 Ohm Catalog

RF Test Systems





IMPORTANT:  END OF LIFE NOTIFICATION.      1.    Notice 041217 EOL PRM 1 Regulators

Follow link for the latest News from Vicor

Latest News

1. Vicor Power Blog:  Up to date News on Newly released PRODUCTS

2. Additional Military Grade VIA Modules in this DCM VIA Range

3. Power-on-Package: Enabling Higher Performance in Artificial Intelligence Applications

4. Videos: Instruction on PowerBench Operation

5.  Travis Williams Explains how Vicor Meets the Demands of Modern LED Applications


Showcase Markets  &  Applications






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1.  IMPORTANT: End of Life & Last Time Buy Components Mini-Circuits

2. New Products, Featured Tools, News & Events




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Calmark and Birtcher are now SCHROFF branded products


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