IMPORTANT: End of Life & Last Time Buy Components Mini-Circuits

Dear Valued Customer,                                                      
For over 25 years, Mini-Circuits has been offering industry leading low    
phase noise Synthesizers and VCO's into the RF & Microwave market. Over    
this period of time, customers have come to appreciate the outstanding     
performance, competitive pricing, quality and reliable delivery offered by 
Unfortunately, we have been informed by one of our leading suppliers of RF 
Transistors used in our VCO's and Synthesizers that they will be           
terminating many of the devices currently in production.                   
In spite of the fact that this affects many models, Mini-Circuits remains
committed to supporting our customers' needs and is currently investigating
the redesigning the models to achieve comparable performance.  We are      
currently close to identifying an alternate source and are prepared to     
embark on the redesign effort of many of the models currently in           
production.  This effort will be fully-funded by Mini-Circuits and we      
estimate that this process may take up to a few years; the schedule is not
available at this moment. To support this development period, Mini-Circuits
is securing a multi-year supply of these transistors based on current      
That being the case, there may be customers whom cannot support the        
requalification effort of a redesign and may wish to place a last time buy
of the current configuration VCO's, Synthesizers, or even secure stock of
the transistors to ensure lifetime availability.  This is something we will
support and we have until June 1, 2017 to place a last time buy order for  
the Transistors.                                                           
PLEASE NOTE: Mini-Circuits VCO's and Synthesizers are NOT going End of Life
If you wish to place a last time buy to avoid redesign, please advise us by
May 1, 2017 and we will be happy to work with you to ensure smooth         
transition. Please, feedback to                      
At Mini-Circuits, we believe it is our responsibility to support our       
customers and maintaining these product lines is part of that obligation.  
Thank you for your continuous support and understanding.                   
Yours truly,                                                               
Mini-Circuits' EOL/PCN Team                                                
Mini-Circuits, Your partner for success since 1969